Newsletter #58

Newsletter #58 - April 20, 2011

PolarView - what we're giving away

>>> PolarView - what we're giving away >>>

We've had a nice response to our Spring Sponsor Special Contest so far. The reviews for sponsor marinas are growing. It seems that there are quite a few captains who are interested in using PolarView.

We introduced PolarView before. Now we'll describe a little more about it.

PolarView is a navigation product that runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. A license to PolarView allows you to run it on 5 computers providing great backup, home planning, husband and wife copies, etc. It's quite a nice feature.

PolarView displays the free NOAA vector and raster charts as well as other S-57 and BSB chart products. It works with ChartWorld for international vector charts as well as BSB v4 for Canadian and international charts. The software lets you know when NOAA vector charts have been updated and assists you in downloading them.

PolarView quilts charts together. There's no displaying a single chart and getting lost trying to figure out where you are. It has integrated tide and current display; integrated AIS support; chart rotation for course up display; GRIB weather integration. Oh, and did we forget offline ActiveCaptain integration?

The $39.99 product is a powerhouse of value. There are more powerful Windows products at higher costs but there is nothing for the Mac or Linux that comes near the quality and support that PolarView has.

There is a really nice video showing PolarView that you can see here:

Even more videos showing additional functionality are here:

You can download a free 30-day trial of the software. That's just enough time to get familiar before winning the software in our contest!

>>> Moving north - Sponsors to help you win the contest >>>

We've already seen some of the early snowbirds heading through Charleston. For those of you now heading north, watch for these ActiveCaptain Sponsors.

Isle of Hope Marina in Savannah, GA is a 1st Choice marina offering some great specials. Check out their Co-Op offer. Stay a couple of days and take advantage of their courtesy car to visit Savannah. It's crazy to miss this:

According to ActiveCaptain users, Crow's Nest Marina Restaurant in Venice, FL has a top rate restaurant in addition to the marina:

Downtown Marina of Beaufort provide easy access to the lovely town of Beaufort, SC and a friendly staff:

The Barefoot Marina in North Myrtle Beach, SC offers resort amenities like golf, a pool with a spa, and an exercise room making it a great stop to enjoy for a few days:

If you're moving further south, we have two Sponsors in BVI you must check out. Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour in Virgin Gorda, a 1st Choice marina:

And Village Cay Hotel and Marina in Tortoola:

Remember to write a review of your stay to qualify for the free PolarView navigation software in the contest. And don't forget to thank them for supporting ActiveCaptain.

>>> Rock Hall Triathlon >>>

For those of you planning ahead check out the 1st annual Rock Hall Triathlon taking place June 25-26. This is one event in a series of Maryland Triathlons. The three parts of the triathlon - swim, bike and run - all start at Rock Hall Landing, an ActiveCaptain 1st Choice marina. They are offering a special Co-Op for the event and also an ongoing Pro-Op special. Make your reservations early because this will be a big event and fun to watch.

You can check them out here:

>>> Importing Routes: PolarView >>>

We're cheating a little. PolarView is a current product with the latest capabilities. As such, it supports GPX files itself making it trivial to interface routes created in PolarView to the new ActiveCaptain routes.

It's silly easy to export routes from PolarView in GPX format:

1. Open the route manager.
2. Click on the name of the route to export.
3. Click the Save button and select GPX for the file type.

That's it. It's quick and simple. Exactly what you'd want.

As a partner of ActiveCaptain, you can bet that there will be additional support for ActiveCaptain routes within PolarView in other ways in the future.

Our time in Charleston is coming to an end. Soon Dyna and Dylan will have to say goodbye to their dog park friends and venture back out into the high seas. You can watch their adventures on their blog:

Karen and Jeffrey Siegel
Castine, Maine
The Interactive Cruising Guidebook

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