Newsletter #38

Newsletter #38 - November 3, 2010

Southern Migration

>>> Hazards >>>

Like many of you, we are making our way to warmer weather. Not a cruising day goes by that we aren't amazed at the wealth of information the cruising community is sharing. We have become particularly fond of the Hazard marker. Not that we're looking for hazards but when they appear in our path it has been extremely helpful to find out the experiences of those ahead.

The iPad is proving a great companion to our aging Raymarine helm. We prop the iPad running Charts & Tides above the chartplotter allowing us to easily monitor what's coming. When a yellow/orange hazard marker appears we can quickly tap on it to receive more information including what others have found.

This valuable offline access to ActiveCaptain data is available on Charts & Tides on the iPhone/iPad and on MaxSea Time Zero and Coastal Explorer on the PC. So keep adding to all the ActiveCaptain markers and next time you pass by a hazard, make sure you tell the rest of us what you saw.

>>> ActiveCaptain does that? ICW Mile Markers >>>

There are a variety of ways to find a location in ActiveCaptain on the website including by ICW mile marker. Simply follow these steps:

1. In The Interactive Cruising Guidebook click on the "Location Search" tab on the left.
2. Click on the "ICW Mile Marker" button at the bottom.
3. Select which ICW you want from the pull down menu at the top.
4. Enter the mile marker and click "Go."

ActiveCaptain will center the selected ICW mile marker on the screen. If you have selected "NOAA defined 5 mile points" it will go to the closest official 5 mile mark on the ICW. Selecting "Interpolate" will mathematically estimate the location between the 5 mile increments.

Yes, ActiveCaptain can do that!

>>> Helping the Cruising Kitty >>>

No one minds saving some money and there are some good ways to do that right now along the snowbird route. There are three excellent long term Co-Ops available and one place we discovered from other ActiveCaptain users. If you're still in the southern Chesapeake Bay, don't forget the great savings offered by Bay Creek Marina:

and Severn River Marina:

Further south there's a new Co-Op marina, Skull Creek Marina on Hilton Head Island, SC offering a 2 for 1 deal until November 15th:

Finally, we discovered a great place for fuel from other ActiveCaptain users. Top Rack Marina near the Steel Bridge has the lowest price we've seen and includes all taxes. We topped off our tanks while waiting for the bridge to open. Try interpolating to ICW mile marker 8.5 on the Atlantic ICW to find them!

>>> Verizon iPad >>>

We love the iPad and iPhone onboard. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is "Should I get the new Verizon iPad." The answer for boating use is clear: NO.

Verizon is bundling Apple's WiFi iPad with their MiFi aircard solution. This provides good connectivity but DOES NOT provide a GPS chipset for position. Don't believe the clerk at the Verizon store - many don't know or understand the difference between GPS and WiFi positioning.

The industry is full of rumors of a Verizon iPhone and cellular iPad coming out in January. That is the one to wait for. It will have full GPS position support providing 20' of accuracy in most situations and even provides your position when below deck.

Our journey south has been made even better by the many ActiveCaptain users who hail us on the radio, stop by the boat, or simply give us a thumbs up. When you see the logo on the boat or Dyna and Dylan peering over the side be sure and say hello.

Karen and Jeffrey Siegel
Castine, Maine
The Interactive Cruising Guidebook

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