2008-03-12 News Release

ActiveCaptain Mobile for Palm OS Released With Thousands of Free NOAA Charts!

ActiveCaptain Mobile combines free access to thousands of NOAA charts and powerful navigation tools with a wealth of information from the ActiveCaptain website. Access to over 30,000 ActiveCaptain points of interest markers displayed on actual NOAA charts available in the palm of your hand.

CASTINE, Maine, March, 12, 2008 -- The success of the ActiveCaptain (www.activecaptain.com) wiki-style website among the boating community begged for a truly portable way to access the abundance of knowledge provided by ActiveCaptain's 6,000 registered users. ActiveCaptain Mobile is a native Palm OS application that combines a chart archive with free access to thousands of charts, a living electronic guidebook with access to over 30,000 marinas, boatyards, anchorages, and local knowledge markers, and a powerful, portable chartplotter.

ActiveCaptain Mobile acts as three major applications in one. On its own it's a chart archive providing the capability to store thousands of charts on a handheld device. All of NOAA's charts are available with ActiveCaptain Mobile for no additional charge. International charts will be added shortly for small additional charges due to licensing requirements of the respective governments. These charges will be low - for example, all of the charts for the United Kingdom will be only $19.95.

With the addition of a data plan for the mobile phone, ActiveCaptain Mobile provides access to the ActiveCaptain website, an online visual marine database designed around cruisers sharing knowledge with other cruisers. The website has over 6,000 registered users and over 30,000 marinas, boatyards, anchorages, and local knowledge markers. Download markers and they are displayed directly on the NOAA chart providing a living electronic guidebook.

Add a GPS and ActiveCaptain Mobile becomes a powerful, portable chartplotter which can track your location, offering a backup to onboard navigation systems, a portable navigation solution for the dinghy or onshore use, or simply a secondary navigation option for a different view.

ActiveCaptain Mobile is being released on the Palm OS platform today. A Windows Mobile version is nearing completion and an Apple iPhone version will follow later in the year.

According to Jeffrey Siegel, co-founder of ActiveCaptain, "The new Centro is the perfect mobile device for today's cruiser. The Centro will allow you to access email and do light Internet web browsing - things like NOAA weather, Google searching, and tide information. It accepts high capacity memory cards to add gigabytes of memory if needed. Its bright, clear screen displays the NOAA charts beautifully. And with several cell providers offering a Centro for free with a data plan, the price is right."

The Going Mobile section of the ActiveCaptain website offers a free trial demo, video tutorials, and access to the online reference manual. ActiveCaptain Mobile is available now for $49.95.

For more information about ActiveCaptain go to www.activecaptain.com, or email Karen Siegel.

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