DragQueen Anchor Alarm Source Code

DragQueen Anchor Alarm

DragQueen is a very simple anchor alarm. It was written to experiment with the multi-platform capabilities of Adobe Air while developing the ActiveCaptain Companion. We found that we wanted an anchor alarm on our iPhone and Android devices and also wanted to experiment with creating a real product for the Apple App Store and the Android Market in preparation for the much more major Companion app that was coming.

Adobe Air allows a single set of source code to be used to create Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry PlayBook, and Samsung SmartTV apps. Air apps are written using ActionScript which very similar to C++, JavaScript, and other object oriented software development environments. Our experience with Air has been excellent. DragQueen is a great example of how easy it is to create a real GPS app across multiple platforms.

DragQueen took about 6 hours to write. We then used it over 2 months of anchoring out and probably put another 2-3 hours of tweaking into it not including the many nights at anchor actually using it. All of the real working code is in DragQueen.as. The only other source code is in touchScroller.as which handles the inertia based scrolling of the instructions view.

There is much more that should be added to DragQueen including:

  • Selection of feet or meters
  • A dimming capability for night and to save power
  • Better screen size support for Android
  • Better handling for tablet devices
  • A graphical display of the anchor area with a trace of where you've been
  • A way to set the anchor by current position, angle, and distance
  • ...and much more

This version of the source code was built with Adobe Flash CS5.5 as the development environment. Nothing else is needed to build all the iOS/Android apps you want.

The DragQueen Anchor Alarm source code is being offered without any license, guarantees, use for a particular purpose, or anything else. By downloading the software, you agree to accept all liabilities with the software and hold harmless Active Corporation for anything associated with the software. If you want to use the software and build something on top of it, great! If you just want to learn from it, experiment away. There's no cost or fee. We've put no copyright or license on the code itself. It's yours - do something great with it for our boating community. If you use this code to make a million dollars, we'll be your number one fan and probably purchase a copy ourselves.

May all your nights at anchor be safe.

Download DragQueen_Source.zip

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