What is this ActiveCaptain thing?
We're different
We're different
There is nothing else on or off the web that rivals ActiveCaptain. While there are boating sites that have come before us and others that are trying to imitate us, no other tool has the quantity or quality of information available to boaters. None.

We've worked for 7 years to build the ActiveCaptain database with one goal in mind - provide a place where boaters can freely share information. The results prove that it works.

There are now 200,000 boaters accessing the ActiveCaptain data. Major marine navigation software developers have chosen our data for display in their chart plotters. Our user base is growing at twice the rate of a year ago. Marina data, reviews, local knowledge, anchorages, and hazards are being added and updated a thousand times a day.

But it's not just the vast quantity of information that attracts boaters. We also have the best quality of data. Only ActiveCaptain allows live update of information by registered users - that's 200,000 pairs of eyeballs ensuring the data is up-to-date. Only ActiveCaptain verifies and validates information to ensure it is consistent and accurate. Only ActiveCaptain allows boaters to enter unedited reviews. Reviews that present each boater's own impression and opinion, good or bad, about a marina or anchorage. Only ActiveCaptain maintains a user-updated database of worldwide hazards with user comments providing up-to-the-minute findings. Only ActiveCaptain.

We're everywhere
We're everywhere
We started where we cruised and moved out from there. Today we have exceptional data throughout North America - the US East and West coasts, the Great Lakes and the Great Loop, Canada, and Caribbean. We've been expanding into Europe and the rest of the world. The data is growing as we see more international users joining ActiveCaptain.

So it doesn't matter if you're planning a trip on the Long Island Sound or the Puget Sound, the Penobscot Bay or the Chesapeake Bay, ActiveCaptain is your source for the most up-to-date information. We have the best marina and anchorage information available anywhere. Compare us to any other source and see for yourself.

But marinas and anchorages are just a start. There is a wealth of local knowledge information - bridges, locks, inlets, boat ramps, marine stores - because boaters need information to get where they're going. And because nothing can ruin a day on the water faster than an unexpected rock, shoal, or other danger, we track hazards both on and off the beaten track. Not only do we show you where they are, we show you what actual boaters have found while navigating the waters.

That's the power of having many thousands of boaters adding to the data. And better data means more users. And because we allow users to add to the data, they end up generating more of it. It's an endless cycle that provides all of us with the best information possible.

This ability to have users adding to the data everywhere is called Crowd-Sourcing. We were the first to do it and we're the only ones doing it in a global way.

We've got reach
We've got reach
There are many boaters using our website, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. ActiveCaptain has become the standard for marine Point of Interest (POI) data for major marine software developers.

You can now access all of the ActiveCaptain data on your PC, Mac, and Linux desktops, your iPhone and iPad, your Android, and other platforms. These solutions offer all the advantages of the website and add offline access so it is always available even without an Internet connection. By integrating our crowd-sourced data with your onboard navigation system, you have instant access to bridge schedules, hazards ahead, marina discounts, and all of the other ActiveCaptain data you need.

The list of companies putting ActiveCaptain data into their products is growing quickly. Today, Garmin, MaxSea Time Zero, Furuno, Rose Point's Coastal Explorer, Nobeltec, PolarNavy's PolarView, Chersoft's Nuno Navigator, Navimatics Charts & Tides for iPhone and iPad, NutiCharts for Android, and HarborFinder for Android are all shipping or showing products with our data integrated. This means the same data used for planning shows up on the actual navigation system when the boat is moving through the water. Hazards show up in the planned route of travel. Bridges can be queried not only for their height but also for their restricted opening times - something we're unique in keeping up-to-date globally.

We're unique
We're unique
We're unique. There's no one who's providing the breadth or the depth we're providing. There are other websites that try to look like they do what we do but if you look deeper, you'll quickly see through the veneer.

So get involved with ActiveCaptain. Let us make your boating experience better, safer, and more enjoyable. Use the data on the website, your computer, or your smartphone. Contribute in your own home areas of local knowledge and where your adventures take you.

If you've never used The Interactive Cruising Guidebook tab on the website, we've prepared a Getting Started guide. Click here to read it.

Be safe, enjoy your time on the water, and let us know how we can help.

Karen & Jeffrey Siegel

What They're Saying
“ActiveCaptain is the greatest thing for boaters since the advent of GPS. What an absolutely fabulous program! Thanks a fathom and a half for all your effort.”
-Jeff Nicholas

“Your site it is a benefit to the boating community and it's one of the first web sites I check daily.”
-Grand Harbor, Marina Manager, Chip Lucas

“I haven't opened a cruising guide in a long time!! The iPhone app is an incredible tool as well while underway.”
-Capt. Pascal

“ActiveCaptain is our favorite cruising tool. We use it every day when we are on the water.”
-Don and Cindy (MV Limerick)

“I found it to be of great help as we travelled by small boat a thousand miles from Pittsburgh to the Mississippi. I don't know where we will head next year but I am sure that I will be researching your site for marinas, motels and restaurants that would be available to us during the cruise.”
-David Mann

“I'm spending many enjoyable hours planning out the possible alternatives. Your website adds a level of comprehensibility that is not possible using old fashioned paper cruising guides.”
-George Rowland

“You provide a great service, often used and much appreciated!!”
-Roy Holleman

“I just have to tell you again, how I use ActiveCaptain daily, on this cruise, and on every one since it's inception. Great JOB!! If you ever need a testimonial, I would be happy to provide a glowing one.”
-Captain Sterling

“My last paper guide went bye bye via ebay just last week! AC is more current than anything, because digital = constantly updated.”
-Chris Gruno

“This fall we brought our boat from Lake Ontario to Portsmouth VA. ActiveCaptain was THE source I used for finding a marina. We did not stay someplace unless it had a review, a good review, on ActiveCaptain. I plan our travel day based on the next well rated marina within our travel range.”
-David Hart

“I use ActiveCaptain before and during my cruising. Last summer my wife and I cruised to New England. We referred to ActiveCaptain at every destination. It's better than a guide book, it's like asking a friend for a recommendation!”
-Sanford Kramer

“Before we cruise anywhere, we always check your website to see what other captains along the way have to say about marinas & anchorages. ActiveCaptain is an invaluable tool that we have encouraged others to use. Our trip would not have been as successful without your website.”
-Jill McCurry

“We here at the Excellent Adventure are huge fans of ActiveCaptain. Jeffrey and his team have done amazing things, and we really feel that this kind of guide is the way of the future.”
-Laureen and Jason, s/v Excellent Adventure.

“We have been using MaxSea with ActiveCaptain loaded and it is really good. Gone are the days of finding, printing & loading the problem areas onto a chart plotter or keeping notebooks with all of the information to be looked up manually. Really really awesome!”
-John Coyle

“There is no way Wagoneer can compete with this as it is only one reviewers perspective whereas ActiveCaptain has several takes on various places and may potentially replace Wagoneer especially considering the depth and breadth of up to date currrent local knowledge being added daily.”
-Terry on the Macgregor site

“One of the resources we have been using as of late is the excellent site ActiveCaptain. Although Skipper Bob is never far away, the free and detailed info on ActiveCaptain is much more current. If you’re cruising and are not using this great resource, check it out.”
-Mike and Rebecca Sweeney

“I can see how ActiveCaptain is going to quickly put an end to me shelling out $100+ a season for updated marine facility guides which contain mostly outdated information.”
-Dan Corcoran

“ActiveCaptain continues to be the strongest competitor in the wiki field.”
-MadMariner Magazine

“The cruiser/developers behind ACM spent over a year building the ActiveCaptain.com site into a lively visual database of cruiser-centric facts and reviews contributed by thousands of, um, active captains.”
-SAIL Magazine awarding ActiveCaptain the 2009 Pittman Innovation Award

“I found ActiveCaptain.com to be one of the coolest nautical sites to come along in a while.”
-Daily Boater

“Regular readers know I’m a big fan of ActiveCaptain - I use it on my Palm Centro with a Bluetooth GPS - but on the iPad it arrives at a whole new level.”

“Telling you that ActiveCaptain 'could' be the wave of the future is probably a little bit like saying the Internet will 'probably be a big thing.' The truth is, ActiveCaptain already is a fantastic resource for cruisers and passagemakers.”

“This critical mass of contributors caught the attention of the electronic navigation establishment recently, and ActiveCaptain scored a hat trick. The three biggest PC navigation software companies—MaxSea, Rose Point, and Nobeltec—have all contracted to incorporate ActiveCaptain’s data in their software.”
-Passagemaker Magazine

“I find your website very informative and well put together. Keep up the good work!”
-Terry Walters, Zahniser's Yachting Center

“We are finding more and more Captains referring to activecaptian.com and we are recommending you to AGLCA boaters as a top site to visit for up to date info.”
-Leslie Corrigan, Winter Harbor Marina

“The ActiveCaptain database, which is getting richer every day, will become part of the primary navigation tools that we also use to plan routes, check weather, etc.”
-Ben Ellison, Electronics Editor