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We're different
We're different
There is nothing else on or off the web that rivals ActiveCaptain. While there are boating sites that have come before us and others that are trying to imitate us, no other tool has the quantity or quality of information available to boaters. None.

We've worked for 8 years to build the ActiveCaptain database with one goal in mind - provide a place where boaters can freely share information. The results prove that it works.

There are now more than 250,000 boaters accessing the ActiveCaptain data. Major marine navigation software developers have chosen our data for display in their chart plotters. Our user base is growing at twice the rate of a year ago. Marina data, reviews, local knowledge, anchorages, and hazards are being added and updated a thousand times a day.

But it's not just the vast quantity of information that attracts boaters. We also have the best quality of data. Only ActiveCaptain allows live update of information by registered users - that's a quarter million pairs of eyeballs ensuring the data is up-to-date. Only ActiveCaptain verifies and validates information to ensure it is consistent and accurate. Only ActiveCaptain allows boaters to enter unedited reviews. Reviews that present each boater's own impression and opinion about a marina or anchorage. Only ActiveCaptain maintains a user-updated database of worldwide hazards with user comments providing up-to-the-minute findings. Only ActiveCaptain.

We're everywhere
We're everywhere
We started where we cruised and moved out from there. Today we have exceptional data throughout North America - the US East and West coasts, the Great Lakes and the Great Loop, Canada, and Caribbean. We've been expanding into Europe and the rest of the world. The data is growing as we see more international users joining ActiveCaptain.

So it doesn't matter if you're planning a trip on the Long Island Sound or the Puget Sound, the Penobscot Bay or the Chesapeake Bay, ActiveCaptain is your source for the most up-to-date information. We have the best marina and anchorage information available anywhere. Compare us to any other source and see for yourself.

But marinas and anchorages are just a start. There is a wealth of local knowledge information - bridges, locks, inlets, boat ramps, marine stores - because boaters need information to get where they're going. And because nothing can ruin a day on the water faster than an unexpected rock, shoal, or other danger, we track hazards both on and off the beaten track. Not only do we show you where they are, we show you what actual boaters have found while navigating the waters.

That's the power of having many thousands of boaters adding to the data. And better data means more users. And because we allow users to add to the data, they end up generating more of it. It's an endless cycle that provides all of us with the best information possible.

This ability to have users adding to the data everywhere is called Crowd-Sourcing. We were the first to do it and we're the only ones doing it in a global way.

We've got reach
We've got reach
There are many boaters using our website, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. ActiveCaptain has become the standard for marine Point of Interest (POI) data for major marine software developers.

You can now access all of the ActiveCaptain data on your PC, Mac, and Linux desktops, your iPhone and iPad, your Android, and other platforms. These solutions offer all the advantages of the website and add offline access so it is always available even without an Internet connection. By integrating our crowd-sourced data with your onboard navigation system, you have instant access to bridge schedules, hazards ahead, marina discounts, and all of the other ActiveCaptain data you need.

The list of companies putting ActiveCaptain data into their products is growing quickly. Today, Garmin, MaxSea Time Zero, Furuno, Rose Point's Coastal Explorer, Nobeltec, PolarNavy's PolarView, Chersoft's Nuno Navigator, Navimatics Charts & Tides for iPhone and iPad, NutiCharts for Android, and HarborFinder for Android are all shipping or showing products with our data integrated. This means the same data used for planning shows up on the actual navigation system when the boat is moving through the water. Hazards show up in the planned route of travel. Bridges can be queried not only for their height but also for their restricted opening times - something we're unique in keeping up-to-date globally.

We're unique
We're unique
We're unique. There's no one who's providing the breadth or the depth we're providing. There are other websites that try to look like they do what we do but if you look deeper, you'll quickly see through the veneer.

So get involved with ActiveCaptain. Let us make your boating experience better, safer, and more enjoyable. Use the data on the website, your computer, or your smartphone. Contribute in your own home areas of local knowledge and where your adventures take you.

If you've never used The Interactive Cruising Guidebook tab on the website, we've prepared a Getting Started guide. Click here to read it.

Be safe, enjoy your time on the water, and let us know how we can help.

Karen & Jeffrey Siegel

What Partners Are Saying
“I view our presence on ActiveCaptain as critical to our success in attracting visiting boaters. I know that ActiveCaptain is far and away the most highly used source amongst our visitors.”
-Hank Pomeranz, Carolina Yacht Care

“Of all the varied places we place our name in hopes of doing more business, yours is, has, and continues to be one of the most productive.”
-Ernie Utsch, Utsch's Marina

“Absolutely love it and see the benefit!”
-Sam Chavers Jr., Marina Jack

“I appreciate all that you folks do for us. Yours is the best and only cruising site we sponsor and use.”
-Capt. Ron Thorstad, Titusville Municipal Marina

“Thanks for all you do! You are doing so much for the boating community and you make our marketing efforts so easy.”
-Kari Hammond, River Dunes

“You have helped us become a better marina, a better business.”
-Chris Saxton, Dolphin Marina and Restaurant

“Most of our first time visiting boaters said that they came to our marina because of our reviews on ActiveCaptain. We really appreciate seeing these great results.”
-Rion Salley, Port Royal Landing Marina

“Your personal involvement in every level of ActiveCaptain is exactly why your site and services are the best in the business!”
-Sue Morgan, Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc. Marinas

“Our docks have been nearly maxed out for four weeks. We have never had this much traffic. It has a lot to do with ActiveCaptain.”
-Dustin Hartley, Hinckley Yacht Services

“ActiveCaptain has really put us on the map!”
-Chris Kelley, Marineland Marina

“Being a sponsor has been very beneficial to us. I run an informal survey on how folks find us and ActiveCaptain is the response most of the time.”
-Ashley Erwin, Whittaker Pointe Marina

“You have a great program that just keeps getting better!”
-Charlie Waller, Isle of Hope Marina

“We really do appreciate ActiveCaptain and all you do for our business!”
-Liz Sybrandt, Sunset Boating Center

“ActiveCaptain has proven to provide important information to the boaters and the facilities that support these boaters.”
-Leif Hans Lustig, City of Fort Myers Yacht Basin

“I have met the most amazing boaters who all came to me from ActiveCaptain. I can't thank you guys enough for all of your support, time, and help with our marina.”
-Steve Plotkin, Half Moon Bay Marina